Favorite Summer Looks

Ba-Bye Summer! It was nice knowin ya!
Summer was good to me this year. I’ve learned quite a few sewing techniques and have definitely stepped outside of my comfort zone while wearing a lot of bright, fun colors.  Today I want to look back at my top favorite Summer looks and hopefully you have enjoyed them as much as I have. Click on the links below to take you directly to that particular blog post and how I went about creating each look.
(from left to right)
1. Tribal
2. Sugar & Spice
3. Keep It Short
4. City Chic
5. Tropical Safari

Which look was your favorite?


 Have you ever walked into a thrift store and looked at something and think “Why would anyone purchase this?” LOL! I know I have…several times!!! Well, over on Pretty Girls Sew, we wanted to challenge you to think outside of the box and refashion a thrifted find.
thriftHere is what I picked up; A kelly green, drop-waisted dress with rusty, gold buttons. Doesn’t it just look so fabulous?! LOL! Not really.  Taking something old and turning it into something beautiful definitely tests your creativity, your sewing skills, and problem solving skills. Imagination is key! So I had sooooo many things in mind for this but it all fell through because of the small amount of fabric that I was working with.  This is where creativity and problem solving comes in. I literally had to take apart almost the entire dress.  I kept a portion of the front button section as is, but everything else had to go.
Here’s some notes on how I went about creating my finished piece.
1. I removed the sleeves, and bottom pleated skirt.
2. Using my bra as a guide, I created the top portion of the romper.
3. To create a nice and neat finish for the top, I cut out facings and neatly understitched it.
4. It took forever, but I ironed the pleats out of the skirt and turned it into shorts.
5. I really wanted pockets, but don’t have enough fabric so I made faux pockets. (LOL! Nope they aren’t real)
6. The waist was a tad large, but I didn’t want to take away any fabric because my hips are wide, so I added 2 darts in the back instead.
7. When hemming the shorts, I wanted the hem to be thick like most shorts are so that’s what I did.
8. I removed the old, gold buttons and added some nice rustic silver ones.
9. For the back, I created a drop back and added facing for a neat finish.
10. For the straps, I took the sleeves, and cut 1.5 inch strips. I stitched two together to make them long enough and stitched down the sides of each strap.  I made a total of four straps. I criss-crossed it across the back side of the romper attached it the front and side.



 bo9bo7bo5bo6Head piece: DIY (tutorial coming soon)// Lipstick: Rimmel Kate Moss #17// Romper: DIY// Kimono: TJ Maxx// Heels: Charlotte Russe


Totally in the Mood

A brand new school year is around the corner, so I wanted to kick off August with my ode to ” Back to School”.
moodNot that I would recommend anyone to wear any “hot” pants to school or anything, but how cute are these? The hottest color for Summer was neon so why not transition it into Fall? I am!  What I love about the trends lately is, it’s all about doing what you want and however you feel you want to dress. If you want to wear a not so traditional color for that particular season you can do it. If you prefer that rolled out of bed look like I do, do it! It’s all about creating your own trends.
mood3To create the shorts, I used McCalls 6848. Yes, it is a pajamas pattern, but like I’ve always been telling you, you have to think outside the box. You don’t have to actually use the pattern for the purpose that it’s suggesting. I mean, you can use these to sleep in because they are quite comfortable, but you can also easily make these with other comfortable, fun, printed or solid color fabrics for your out and about style. You definitely need neon fabric in your life though. I got mine from Glam Fabrics.  Check out the shop. She added some very cute knit fabrics as well. These shorts are extremely easy and fast to make. I think they took about 1.5 hours. so you know what that means…Instant Gratification!
mood5So when I saw this jacket, I instantly fell in love. I love the whole high school varsity jacket vibe it gives off. The front and back of the jacket has that soft wool feel to it and the sleeves are a faux white leather. You guys know how much I love black and white. The best part about the jacket was that it was on clearance for only $25. Steal!
mood@I have to talk about my hair. My hair has been so good to me lately. I’ve been really trying to take care of it so that it can grow fast. Do you remember when I cut all of my hair off last year? (I was going through some thangs. LOL!) I’m definitely going to do a separate blog post on what I’ve been using on my hair lately to help it grow and stay hydrated.  Whatever I’ve been doing, it’s been working and I’m happy about it.
mood2mood1T-Shirt: Mood Fabrics//Sunnies: JCPenney// Shorts: DIY// Jacket: H&M// Heels: Target

Thanks for stopping by. XOXO

Tropical Safari

 Summa Summa Summa Time…
We are in the middle of Summer and who in the world wants it to end? Not this girl! So….guess what? I made this skirt about 3-4 months ago. I know I know. As amazing as it is, how in the world could I have let this this baby slip away? Well, it’s the middle of summer and I felt that now was the perfect time to show her off.
safari6So ofcourse I found my fabric at my favorite fabric shop on Etsy; GlamFabrics. No surprise right? LOL! I definitely stocked up from that pretty little shop.  You should too! There are so many hidden gems there! You can check it out HERE. Anyhow, I’ve totally been geeking over pleats for the past few months and I wanted to somehow do something different than your typical gathered skirt. So pleats it was!
safari3 Lets talk about this tote!! I’ve had this thing for 2 years and NEVER used it. I mean seriously….Have I lost my mind?  I love it! Especially with this outfit.  Its a perfect beach bag that gives me a bit of a Moroccan vibe. Cute!
safari5 So as far as the pleats in this skirt. If you didn’t know they are specifically called box pleats. They aren’t too difficult.  Here are a few tutorials that I found on Pinterest that could help you get started. Check HERE and HERE.

Tank: Old Navy// Skirt: DIY// Necklace: Charlotte Russe// Tote Bag, Sunnies, & Watch: Target// Heels: JC Penney

So what are your thoughts on pleated skirts? Love ’em or hate ’em? Comment below! Thanks for stopping by!


Sugar & Spice

So if you follow me on IG, (@cheapbutchic), you already know that I wore a jumper to the  Wendy Williams show.  On IG, I asked you all how I should wear it because I was getting so many mixed reviews. So in the post, I’ll show you both looks and at the end, I’ll let you know which one I chose.  So for this look, I chose to use McCalls 6969.

WW3I did quite a bit of alterations to achieve the look that I was going for.
1. I used the bottoms of view B and the top of view D.
2. I wanted the bottoms to be a bit more fitted so, I subtracted about 2 inches of seam allowance on both legs.
3. I did not add an elastic to the waistband. Instead I used either an elastic gold belt and I made a green sash to tie around my waist.
4. The jumper to didn’t have a feminie feel to it, so instead of the elastic at the bottom of each leg, I added a cuff with a ties that I had to tie into a knot. When tied, it looked like mini bows, and it gave me the feminine flair I was looking for.
greenjump2 GreenJump1There are a couple of things changes that I should have done that I also wanted to mention. The first would be to add pockets.  I think it would have made the look more relaxed.  The second thing is to stitch from the crotch area, up to the first button on the bottom. The instructions don’t tell you this, but when you sit down, that area opens up and you have to adjust every time you sit.  I hated that. One more thing, the instructions to the collar was extremely confusing to me. I guess it was because I’ve never sewn a blazer or anything with this type of collar but I finally figured it out.


Jumper: DIY
Belt & Rings: Forever 21
Bracelet & Earrings: Charlotte Russe
Watch: TJ Maxx
Black Tote: Victor Alexander
Nude Lipstick: Sephora
Heels: Target



Jumpsuit: DIY
Earrings & Bracelet: Charlotte Russe
Heels: Charlotte Russe
Purse: Payless
Watch: TJ Maxx
Lipstick: NYX Shocking Pink

So the link I went for is the black accessorized look!  Comment below and let me know which one is your favorite.


Transitioning into my Summer Wardrobe

So today I decided that I was going to take a look back at past looks and pick out my favorites that I plan on transitioning into my Summer wardrobe.  I chose four looks and I’ve linked them back to their original posts so that you can check out how I went about creating the look and/ or the DIY tutorial I provided.
summertransitionCollageLook #1: Palazzo Pants
Look #2: Neon Maxi Dress
Look #3: Neon Maxi Skirt
Look #4: Water Color Skirt Set
What are some of your favorite garments that you are excited to be transitioning into this season?  Comment below. I’s love to hear about it.

Summer Essentials: Fashion

So in my previous post, you’ve seen my beauty must haves. Along with beauty comes fashion, so here are my top fashion summer essentials and the reasons why I love them.
se11. Birkenstocks:  These sandals are what’s hot for this season.  They have been seen on just about every fashion blogger and every celeb. Not only do they pair well with so many outfits, but they are extremely comfortable. Also, I cannot forget to mention that they look good on everyone no matter your age or sex.  Isn’t that great!?   Mine were given to me as a graduation gift from my little brother of the men’s fashion blog Victor Alexander.  And as a lover of black, the color that he chose for me was perfect.  They are a bit pricey, but they are well worth it. I promise you.
2. Panama Hat:  These straw hats have been everywhere these past couple of years and I finally got my hands on one.  Let me first say that I usually hate hats and I usually hate putting anything on my head, but when I found this hat and tried it on, I felt that this hat looked great on me.  I love this hat.  It looks great when I wear my hair down in a straight style, with a side bun, or with a side braid.  It’s a very simple piece, but it’s a great addition to everyone’s closet.
3. Brightly Colored Open Toe Heels: Ok. So I spotted these in a video by one of my favorite Youtubers, Hey Claire.  I absolutely love her style.  It’s so simple and clean. Anyhow, once I saw them in one of her hauls, so of course, I had to get them.  I went to Zara in DC recently and they were having an amazing sale.  Who knew Zara had sales?  Anyhow, these heels were on sale for only $39.99.  They didn’t have my size in the store so I quickly ordered them online. I cannot wait to wear these. They are so sexy and the hubby told me he loved them on me.  So obviously, they are a winner in my book!
4. Brightly Colored Crossbody Bag:  Because I wear a lot of black, I accessorize with brightly colored accessories and this bag gives me that perfect pop of color that I need.  This Kate Spade bag was gifted to my as a graduation gift by my husband. I was absolutely shocked that he even picked this out.  I love that it’s small for those days that I will be walking for long periods of time and do not desire to carry a big bag.  The small size is perfect! I’ve always dreamt of owning a Kate Spade and this bag couldn’t be more perfect.  Love it!
5. Bralettes: These are a fun addition to any Summer wardrobe.  These make a subtly sexy statement when worn under loose tanks or with tops with low hanging armholes.  It’s a small added detail when pairing with simple tops and takes your outfit up to another level. I got mine from Charlotte Russe for $4/each. Can’t beat that price!

What are you fashion summer essentials?  I’d love to know.

Summer Essentials: Beauty

So one thing you must know about me….I am a product junkie!  I have very sensitive skin so for the past year, I have been testing all kinds of products out that works for my skin.  And for the Summer time, everyone wants their skin to look it’s best right? I know I do.  Here I have chose my current favorite beauty products that are my MUST HAVES for this season.  Because I have sensitive skin, I’m sure it will work for you all that do not have sensitive skin.  Below I have listed those products and why I love it.


Before we go any further though, let’s talk about this season’s must have bag.  As a mom of 2 young children, I carry quite a bit to make sure that everyone is comfortable and I’m one of those moms that has never owned a diaper bag.  In my opinion, they are tacky and does not contribute anything to a women’s presence. The ‘IT’ bag of the season is this tote from Victor Alexander.  This bag screams young and fun from the inside-out!  The inside is lined with a black and white polka dot print and the outside is made with a beautiful and soft vegan leather.  The bags comes in a variety of colors, but for the Summer time, you have to love this Kiwi Tote. These bags are luxurious and are made for the everyday women whether you are a stay-at-home mom or a busy working woman that is always on the go. You have to have this bag in your life!  Show up at your work functions, pool/ beach parties, or get-togethers with your girlfriends with a bag that is sure to be a head-turner. I currently own two of these bags and am on my way to owning three.  You will see them featured in future OOTD posts soon. If you are interested in this one or other colors, you can purchase HERE.
kiwiSo, let’s get to the Summer beauty essentials.
1. 100% Pure Almond Oil: I use this for my hair, my face, and my body.  Almond oil has tons of healthy benefits: Natural anti-aging product, perfect for my eczema, makeup remover, promotes long, healthy hair, regulates blood pressure, promotes long healthy nails, etc.
2. Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs: I’ve been using this for a few years. I have several scars on my legs and it doesn’t totally cover them, but they blur the scars.  I love that it’s easy to apply as well.
3. Hope in a Jar’s a to z cream: This foundation is perfect for my sensitive skin because it does not make my dry patches (eczema) stand out and it’s actually healthy for the skin. It’s a million times better than BB or Cc cream.
4. Anastasia Brow Gel: I have several brow products but this one outdoes them all. It’s waterproof and it doesn’t fade throughout the day. It literally lasts all day long! Hands down, it’s worth the price.
5. NYX Dance the Tides: This is a recent find, but it immediately turned into a favorite.  It is the best crease/blending color of all time. It’s like a beautiful leathery color that looks beautiful with so many eye looks.
6. Loreal Linear Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner: After years of practice and trying out several products, I have mastered the art of a perfect winged eyeliner.  I use MAC’s Blacktrack as a base and then this liquid liner directly on top to achieve that perfect wing that doesn’t budge and literally lasts all day without any fading.  And by the end of the day, it looks just as good as when I first put it on.
7. Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm: Ok. First let me say that my daughter and I have the driest lips in the world. I have a drawer full of all kinds of chapstick but this one is the only one that has kept our lips extra moisturized. And it doesn’t leave that nasty white film on my lips that a lot of chapstick leaves behind.  I’ve bought several of these and haven’t found anything that works better.
8. NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams: So I have been loving bright matte colors on my lips lately and these lip creams take the cake.  They are so inexpensive and the variety of colors that you get to choose from is endless.  I love the finish that it gives; velvety and smooth.  I love these!  I also wanted to mention that this particular color that I have pictured here is Morocco. It’s a beautiful, bright orange color that is a must have for Summer.
9. NYX Matte Lipstick: Carrying on with the bright matte lip color theme, NYX also carries matte lipsticks in their line which also has a variety of colors.  These are also inexpensive and they last for a long time.  I do have to reapply a little bit after I eat, but not too much.  This particular color that I have pictured is Shocking Pink. It’s a bright neon pink that will so amazing on every skin tone. I’ve seen it on just about every skin tone and it’s just flawless for this season.
10. NYX Cream Blush: So along with having sensitive skin, I dry skin on my cheeks.  When my eczema flared up in the past they would flare up on my cheeks and I would have dry skin patches.  It was quite embarrassing.  So along with discovering by foundation, I was overjoyed when I rediscovered this blush in my makeup stash.  I love it because a little goes a long way and best of all, the cream doesn’t sit on my dry skin.  I love that it melts into my skin and it gives my cheeks a beautiful flush of color.
11. Rimmel Max Bold Curves Extreme Volume & Lift Mascara: So this is my second purchase of this product.  To achieve that perfect, full lashes look without wearing fake lashes, I do have a lash dream team.  First I apply Loreal’s Fiber lashes for length, but this Rimmel mascara give me full volume.  It thickens up my lashes like no other and trust me, I’ve tried several.
12. Benefit’s Watts Up Highlighter: I discovered this product while watching Beauty Crush on YT last year.  It was one of her favorites so I was lucky enough to get one from Sephora for free and I love it. It gives your skin a natural glow and it blends into your skin seamlessly. The full size version is quite expensive but well worth the price.
13. Ice Breakers: So this may sound funny but along with the obvious reasons that these mints will instantly freshen your breath, but in my desperate plea for trying to lose weight, this mints are a lifesaver.  Why you may ask? Well, these surprisingly enough curb my hunger.  With the few meals that I eat during the day, my stomach still hasn’t adjusted so these mints keep my stomach and breath satisfied throughout the day.
14. Tarte Park Ave Princess Bronzer: So I have been on the hunt now for years looking for the perfect bronzer for Summer.  After years of searching,  finally came down to this one.  I own several Tarte products which I highly dislike, but this one, oddly enough, I love. It gives me that perfect, beachy, bronzed look.  When wearing this, my makeup is usual minimal because the bronzer does all the work.  I love the finish that it gives. It gives my skin a dewy and healthy look which makes it perfect for my go-to summer look.
15. Botanicals Rosewater Toning Spray 100% Organic: If you’ve never tried a refreshing rose water spray, you are missing out. If you have dry skin, apply this product to your clean face, after your moisturizer and before you apply your makeup.  The rose water will seep in and naturally hydrate your skin.  And just like a lot of products that I use, rose water does have healthy benefits for the skin. and it has a lovely rosey smell as well. Try it!
16.  Philosophy The Present Invisible Skin Perfector & Oil Free Primer: I’ve tried several primers, even the ever popular Benefit’s Porefessional and they have all failed my sensitive skin.  This one however, is a holy grail product for me.  I tend to look for things that don’t flare up my eczema, gives my skin moisture, and helps with the my foundations application.  With sensitive skin, it’s hard to find products that work well with my skin so when I received a sample from Sephora and tried it out for a week, I purchased immediately.  When you find that perfect product you should buy immediately and stick with it unless…something better comes along. LOL! But for now, I am loving this product and I will buy another for sure.
17. Freeman’s Clay Mask in Avocado and Oatmeal: I’m sure you see a trend here when ti comes to me buying products.  My skin needs moisture so I purchase products that do just that.  The avocado in the mask gives me the needed moisture my skin needs and the oatmeal calms my eczema. So this product was a win/win for me.
18Philosophy’s Hope in a Jar Moisturizer & Sunscreen: I love this facial moisturizer for Summer because it’s lightweight, it’s unscented, and it has sunscreen (spf25) in it that doesn’t cast a white film over your skin.  This product gives me just enough moisture and it has keep eczema at bay. And of course it has health benefits for the skin. It contains lactaid acid which light exfoliates the skin, beta- glucan which gives your skin a natural glow.  This product also contains antioxidants which protects your skin from harsh environmental chemicals.

I haven’t had any eczema breakouts on my face in a year. It took a while, but I’ve learned what works for my skin.  What are your beauty summer essentials?  I’d love to know!


So let me first mention that I purchased this fabric last year at Hancock Fabrics, so if you go looking for it, unfortunately it may not be there anymore, but there are plenty of African or tribal prints on fabric.com that you may love.
fabpicIt took me a year to figure what I wanted to make with because I loved it so much.  I wanted to make sure that whatever I made with it, it was going to be something that I would get a lot of wear out of.  So after a year of brainstorming, I figured, why not make a shift dress?  Shift dresses are perfect for moms because you look easily put together and it’s such a classic piece that you can wear for years.  I created 2 recently which you may have seen on IG (@cheapbutchic); one with a pattern and one I made without a pattern.  But for this particular shift dress, I did use a pattern and I adjusted it quite a bit. So the pattern I used was Simplicity 1878 from the lisette line.

If you look close, you’ll notice that the front is two separate pieces; top and bottom.  I wanted it to be one solid piece in the front, so I taped the top and bottom pattern pieces together and made sure to include the allowance.  I also didn’t like the neckline. I wanted something more simple instead if the V shape, so I altered that as well. Now for the front and back pieces of the dress, I wanted the bottom to look more like the bottom of a button-up shirt.  I wanted my sheath dress to look & feel like I was wearing my husbands button-up so, I traced the bottom corner of his shirt onto my pattern and that is how I got the bottom to look like a men’s button up shirt.  I also want to add that I inserted an invisible zipper and two darts in the back.

tribaltribal1So I love to have fun taking pictures every now and then so when I pictured the photoshoot for this dress, I pictured my self having big hair in the woods. LOL! So, me and my brother made it work and I think they came out fantastic.

Dress: DIY// Necklace & Shoes: Charlotte Russe// Lipstick: NyX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Morrocco

Do you have any plans on making a shift dress this Summer? If so, send me your pictures on Instagram @cheapbtchic or Facebook. I’d love to see.  Thanks for stopping by.


Savannah Adventures

Ok, so while in Savannah, I wanted to present a fresh and clean look that was easy to pull off and somewhat easy to wear since I had both my children.  Mind you, I said somewhat because I chose to wear white and you know if you have children, it’s hard to keep clean when chasing them around.  The lipstick that I used was the perfect accessory to my overall look. It gave my look a bit of a retro feel so I really liked that.  I’m really into bright lips this season can you tell?

The lipstick that I used was the perfect accessory to my overall look. It gave my look a bit of a retro feel that I really liked. It has a matte finish and it is quite drying, but if you moisturize your lips prior to putting it on, you’ll be fine.  And the best part is, it lasts all day.  It’s actually kind of hard to clean off.  I’m really into bright lips this season can you tell?

Sunnies: Target// Chambray Button up: Target// Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft// Sandals: Charlotte Russe// Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Lipstick: MAC Relentlessly Red // Nail Polish: Fresh Paint Alex’s Lemonade