I Got my Nose Pierced!

muave1I have always always always wanted my nose pierced, but being in the military for so many years, I wasn’t able to do so. But now that I’m fully out, I finally jumped the gun.  So my brother and I went to Richmond, VA in search for a nice, sanitary place to get my piercing done.  We first went into to Lucky 13 and they have the worst customer service ever.  The guy who was doing the piercing was so rude and pushy. He did not make me comfortable at all.  So naturally, I walked straight out of there. I walked across the street to Enigma Studios and the guy who pierced my nose was the best.  He was so nice and made me so comfortable that I am going back in a few months to get another piercing. His information is listed below just incase you are in the Richmond, VA area.

So a bit about me:
I have ZERO tattoos.
I hate needles
I feel the need to inspect the area to see how the needles are sanitized.
I have an extreme low tolerance to pain.
I ask a million and one questions about how they go about placing piercings
Piercings and tattoos are so out of my character
The whole time I was laying on the table, I was asking myself “Why am I here?”
I watched over 20 videos on YouTube about different experience people have had with their nose piercing

About my piercing:
From 1-10 for pain, it was a 2.
It felt like a tiny pinch
The entire process took 2 minutes
The piercer (what do you call the guy that does the piercing?) was so extremely nice
It feels slightly sore a few days after you get the piercing but it’s not bad at all
It takes 3-4 months to heal
And I love it!

Do you have any piercings?  If so where? Comment below and tell me about your experience. I’d love to hear all about it.

Enigma Studios
Ryan Norton aka Huey
1813 West Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23220