About Me


1. My name is Tabitha
2. I love blogging
3. I’ve been blogging for 3 years (started in 2012)
4. I started blogging about my love for thrifting
5. I used to scrapbook for about 8 years.
6. I’ve been sewing for 2 years. (started Spring 2013)
7. My mom is a seamstress and tried to teach me when I was a kid, but I had no desire to learn.
8. I taught myself how to read a pattern and I sewed my 1st article of clothing April 2013. Haven’t stopped since.
9. After sewing everyday for a year, I’ve gotten pretty good
10. I was in the military for over 10 years.
11. I’m a PK (Pastor’s Kid)
12. I LOVE my family
14. I’m quite ambitious
15. (random) I love to sing (Yes, I can really sing)
16. I have so many ideas in my head. I need to clone myself to get things done.
17. I love meeting new people.
18. I’m extremely giving
19. I enjoy helping people
20. I live in Virginia
21. I enjoy traveling
22. I love to learn new things
23. I have my own clothing line business @tjsewer
24. I have a YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/cheapbutchic1)
25. I’m a co-founder of http://www.prettygirlssew.com
26. I’m on Instagram @cheapbutchic and @tjsewer


Contact me via Email: cheapbutchicblog.com

23 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, Tabitha. I just found your blog. I am excited to read that you were once in the Air Force. I am Active Duty Army. I have been in 19 years. Next year I will retire. I am the same philosophy that you have. Whatever I do next is going to be about me! Last year, I began sewing and making jewelry. This year I became interested in making furniture and decorating. I want to fulfill a lifelong dream of going to culinary arts school. So many options! I look forward to reading more of your posts.


    • HI!!!! That is so amazing. Live your dreams. You sound very creative. You are dipping into everything. You should start a blog and use it as a diary to document everything you are dipping into. That is great and sounds like fun. Thanks for stopping by. :)


  2. Hi Tabitha, just come across your blog by way of your post on McCalls showing off your amazingly beautiful spring peplum. I definitely will be following your bog for inspiration and your tutorials.


  3. This blog is great and I’ve always wanted someone to teach me how to make cute clothes. I’m so happy I found you where on earth have you been?! lol. Today I just did my own altering and it felt great. I’m so excited about sewing more things.
    Bohemian In The O


  4. I absolutely love your style and your inspiration for doing what you do. I am in the process of creating my own fashion line that is catered to women who strive to be modest but I have never went to fashion school and I’m in college to be an animal physiologist lol but I have always wanted to have my own clothing line. I’ve been designing since I was 12. Anywho! On to my question:) Are you a self taught seamstress? How did you go about getting your name out there and how long did it take?


  5. Tab! I had an instagram account, @sewsincity. i deleted that, and i am researching starting a blog. I want to ask you a few things, if you could give me your email address that would be awesome!


  6. Hi Cheapbut chic, I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award because I love reading you blog :). Love love it. So much to learn.

    You can check out my blog for details. No pressure.



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