How I Started my Clothing Line, Got into my 1st Store, & Fabric Show

Ok, so here is the long awaited video…..

Back on Novemeber 1st, 2014 I launched my clothing line; TJ Sewer, LLC.  I started out working on my own, but as time went on, my business started picking up so I decided to hire help.  In the video I tell you all about my experience at my first textile show, how I started my business, what type of people I hired to help me grow even more and my role in my business as of now.  In this video, I also talked about my experience in getting contacted by my first store. This video was recorded last month, so my clothing has been in a store for about a month now.  I will do a future video on my experience thus far and how you can get into a store yourself.  If you have any other questions that I did not answer in this video, comment below. I’d love to do another video to answer all of your questions.

13 thoughts on “How I Started my Clothing Line, Got into my 1st Store, & Fabric Show

  1. Firstly, I am so happy for you and realize just how much work you have put into establishing your business and thank you for taking the time to share information. I had thought about starting a knit skirt business several years ago – but listened to naysayers and talked myself out of it. I do have questions:
    1) Do you have a suggested reading list?
    2)Before you got to the place where you needed to hire others to help you sew, how were you selling/marketing your product? Esty perhaps?
    3) You gave lots of information in your video, but do you have any tips on what beginning steps should be taken to start a business?
    Thanks much!


  2. I am so happy for you. This video is exactly what I need. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. I’ve been visiting your blog from time to time the past few months to see what you are up to but it was so quiet. I am happy to hear from you again.

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  3. Hi Tabitha. Congrats for all of the success thusfar! :-) I started with your recent video about your business, and backed up (not purposely). Congrats on your success. Not sure if you recall, but in December 2013, I won first place your give away on your you tube channel. :-). I had only discovered you earlier that year when McCalls featured you on their face book page from one of their patterns you posted on your blog. :-). Congrats.

    I know you mentioned it costs a lot of money. Do you advise (no worries on answering now-maybe for a follow up vid) people to have some sort of dedicated savings before they start? OR, should they take the leap of faith doing things as they go (the purchasing side of the business?) I know you also mentioned you went to school last year (I remember). I’m in grad school now (majoring in HR Management) so the business classes taken here will help as well. Any advanced degree would help (can’t do the fashion school thing. I think i can learn with all of the resources out there).

    Also, you already had your cheapbutchicblog domain (which is separate than your business). But for your line, did you secure your domain name before you launched (went public, etc?). In your opinion (I think I know the answer), should one have a website even if they don’t plan on using the site to actually sell their brand?

    Lastly, in 2010, I attended a Trained Sewing Instructor workshop in Atlanta (they go to different cities annually). It was hosted at the same time and hotel of the ASG annual conference. We had about 25 attendees. It was for those interested in starting a sewing/crafting business. I was surprised at the number of women (mainly older ones) that had a business but as you said were not “official” AND they didn’t have a website, let alone a sewing/crafting blog (which is free).

    I would say over half had established businesses and only maybe two had their own dedicated websites! I was wondering if you could (if you have time) speak to that. :-). God bless you young lady.

    Also, I know you’ve been self employed for a while, but what about us that are single (don’t have that second income to fall on) AND work full time (can’t give up the FT gig just yet)?

    **I’ll keep watching for the next video** :-). Cordially, JC

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    • I need to do an entire video dedicated to all of your questions. You touched on some great points. Oh and everytime I see your name pop up on any of my social medias, I know EXACTLY who you are. You’ve been with me for quite a whole now. Thank You!


  4. :-). You’re a sweetheart. So happy for you. And thank you for taking so much time to help us “wanna-be’s.” :-). You are very generous with your information. I just couldn’t go to sleep without commenting. :-) Sorry to have been so long winded. -JC :-)

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