Preparing for the Holidays

Hi all!
The best time of the year is here and my kids are so ready to get this house decorated for the holidays.  The tree(s) have to go up, the lights and wreaths have to be hung, and the Christmas knick knacks have to be placed around each room.
ladAs with every year, my husband is in charge of hanging the lights and garland outdoors. When he received this ladder from the DIY Outlet, he was like a kid in a candy store. LOL!
lad1We already have a ladder, but this is definitely an upgrade from the one we already own.  While “playing” with the ladder, he discovered that it was really a 3-in-1.  With the first set up, we adjusted the ladder to reach the top of the roof. This is great for cleaning out your gutters and of course, hanging those Christmas lights this season.  The locking mechanisms in the ladder make it safe and durable to go pretty high.
lad2In this 2nd setup, we adjusted the ladder to look like any normal household ladder.  This is great if you need to paint around your home or if you need to change out light bulbs you can’t possibly reach. (Excuse all the dirt and leaves. LOL! My husband decided that it was time to clean the gutters since he was finally able to reach them.)
lad3Lastly, this setup is great when space is limited. You can use this in tight spaces where most ladders or step stools wouldn’t fit safely.  The rubber contact on the bottom allows for greater slip resistance.  And as with all three setups, this overall ladder, is extremely lightweight and can be broken down for easy storage.

You can find this ladder and other great tools for you home at  If the guy in your life is like mine, you can definitely find some great Christmas gifts for him here.

So when do you plan on decorating for the holidays?

Thank you DIY Outlet for sponsoring this post.

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