Disney’s Malificent + Ninja Turtle Costumes

Yay! Halloween is over. LOL!
Every year for Halloween, I make my daughter’s costume and for the past 3 years, she has won every costume contest I put her in. This year, there were probably over 100 kids entered and everyone looked so great that I didn’t think she would even place.  To our surprise she won 1st in the annual WISC contest. My husband and I took the advice of my friend Jenell (co-founder of Pretty Girls Sew) and decided to put my daughter in a bigger contest. Our daughter won for the “Most Scariest” category and she took home the “Best Overall” prize. We could not believe it. She was so excited and we were totally proud parents. As for my son, he changed his mind so much on what he wanted his costume to be. I decided not to even waste my time so we purchased his costume. LOL!

I recruited my husband to help me with my daughter’s costume and he literally blew my mind!!! He isn’t the crafty type (at least I thought he wasn’t). He took inspiration from photos and went above and beyond what I thought he could create.  He created the headpiece from scratch using a plastic kid helmet, toilet paper rolls, and electric tape.  For the staff, he found a tree limb (which he sanded down to create a smooth surface) and wrapped it with vine that he found when walking in the woods. The green ball at the top was a bouncy ball from the dollar store that lit up and gave it a great effect at night.  The crow was attached with wire.
mal2For the wings, we wanted to make them, but we ran out of time.  We purchased them though from Party City and attached horns to the top with hot glue. To keep the wings in place, I placed two even holes in her cape and pulled the elastic arm pieces from the wings through the holes. This made the wings and cape one piece.
mal3For my daughter’s dress, I traced a shirt that she had and attached that to a gathered skirt I made for here. It wasn’t the neatest job considering I had only 15 minutes to throw this dress together, but it came out well enough.  For the cape, I used leather and lined it with some Halloween spider web fabric.  To keep the cape closed, I attached some ribbon at the top position near her neck and we tied into a bow.
mal4As for her makeup, I just followed one of the million tutorials on YouTube to achieve the Angeline Jolie makeup in the movie. You don’t really get the full effect in this photo, but my daughter got quite a few compliments on her makeup. She looked pretty good.
tmntMy son had a great time (as you can tell!) LOL! He was ready to play the games and collect some candy.
tmnt1The mask that came with the costume was a bit too big for his face, so I had to improvise by painting his face with eyeliner since I did not have any face paint. LOL! He did not like this process at all. He just wanted to go.

Well I hope you enjoyed our Halloween costumes this year. Go ahead and check out last year’s post HERE where they were some funny feline characters. ;) Comment below and tell me what your children or even you were for Halloween.

6 thoughts on “Disney’s Malificent + Ninja Turtle Costumes

  1. Tab, you knocked that out the park! This is J’adorbs! I loovvves it! I make my niece’s costumes as well, so I know when she gets to your daughter’s age, I’ll have to pull out something like this. Fabulous! And the hubby did a gorgeous job as well with the props

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