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Happy Saturday everyone!
Is it hot where you are? Because it…is….HOT in Virginia! Good grief!
Ok. So…..who is ready for Back to School?!  My daughter is going into the Kindergarten and she is super excited. I am too!  I’m excited for her to learn and make friends. She is a very social little one. LOL! She is always asking me to take her places and I dread it because I’m such a homebody. ;) So because school is coming up soon, my kids will be on the blog a bit more than usual. Who doesn’t love cute kids though? I will be featuring some easy back to school looks and DIY’s that you can create for your love bugs.
lj1Me and my daughter have decided that this outfit will be her 1st day of school outfit. My little fashionista has arrived.
ch1So let’s talk about the main purpose of this blog post; these pants. They literally take about 1.5 hours to make. The fabric that I chose was a cotton with a small amount of spandex. You can find it JoAnn Fabrics. You can also use 100% cotton as well. I made them for my son in a previous post and used cotton for his pants. You can check out that post HERE. I am totally going to make several of these style of pants in different prints because they are extremely easy, fast, and I love how many prints I can choose to make these out of.
ch4As you may have noticed about my children’s clothes, I don’t like things to be too childish or too cutesy. I’m more into the modern and bold prints that are simple to pull together. Keep in mind when making kids clothes, that they have to be able to run and play in them as well. So like I said, these pants are perfect for that.
ch5These pants are totally versatile. They can be dressed up or down.  In this particular post, she is dressed down. She can run, jump, and play. In a future post, I’ll show you how you can take these pants and make your baby girl look fancy. Hence the title of this blog “Cheap but Chic”. In all honesty, these pants do look expensive. Don’t they? They were just under $10 to make though.

Jean Jacket: Thrifted// Tshirt: DIY// Pants: DIY// Glasses: Target// Hair Bow: Forever21// Converse: Converse Outlet

Did I convince you to make some of these for your kids yet?  If not, more posts to come.


24 thoughts on “Chic Happens

  1. Hmm…where to start? Ok these little kids of yours are so.freakin.cute! Those pants…I need to make them fo myself, my sister and my two nieces. I think we all need them in our lives lol :-)


  2. Tabitha,
    You are just amazing! I am 71 years old (but a real fashionista) – I”ll send a picture maybe sometime. But I found your blog by accident and ever since then I’ve clicked on every email. You and your family and your energy and your adorableness – all of your family are adorable too – are just so cool. And your creativity, originality and down to earth and practical tips are so right on. LOVE what you’re doing. I just wish Oprah still had a show – you would have been such a perfect guest. Keep up the good work. Sherrie


    • Oh my goodness!!! That was so sweet of you to say! Im humbled by your sweet compliment. Thank you so much! Id love to see your style in action. Im sure you are as beautiful in person as you are spiritually. God Bless!


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