Neon Maxi

The weather outside today is amazing! Right?!  So I decided to finally take pictures in this skirt that I made a few weeks ago that you may have seen on Instagram (@CheapbutChic).  Spring is the time to bring out those maxi skirts and dresses.  This year I decided that I wanted to make a few for my Spring/ Summer wardrobe.

skirtstripesLet’s talk about how amazing this fabric is!  I purchased it from Hancock fabrics.  If I can recall correctly, I think its a polyester and rayon mix.  This fabric is usually used for maxi skirts and dress.  It drapes on your body beautifully, it’s lightweight, and it feels great. I definitely recommend that you pick up some fabric and make a few maxi skirts for this year.  They are easily worn to make you look and feel like you are well put together. So here is my pulled together look.  I ran errands today, so I paired it with a basic black tank top, neon statement necklace and flip-flops from Charlotte Russe.


This skirt is can be made using my recent tutorial that I recent uploaded onto my YouTube channel.  One change I made that was different from the video tutorial, is that I inserted an invisible zipper instead of a regular zipper.  A regular zipper would work, but I feel that invisible zippers give a cleaner finish. Click link below:
DIY Gather Skirt

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6 thoughts on “Neon Maxi

  1. I love the fabric you used for your maxi skirt! I have been so busy sewing home décor items for my new home but this post have inspired me to go back into fashion sewing. FYI I love your blog keep the posts coming :)


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