Tartan, Tulle, & Bow Ties + Giveaway

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We sure did!  Did you all happen to send out Christmas cards this year?  I definitely wanted to go all out this year and boy did I work hard to pull it off!
xmascardI made mine and my daughter’s skirts.  I made it out of satin and tulle.  I also made a petticoat to wear underneath our skirts to give it that poofy look that I wanted.  I also ended up making my son’s vest out of the popular print of this season; tartan.  My brother helped me pull the look together for the males in our family by making us some bow ties which were also made with tartan.
tartanI decided to do a behind the scenes video of me making the clothes for the photo shoot.  I hope you all enjoy the video.  I listed the photos from our photo shoot below.  Hope you all have a happy holidays.

DSC_77251 DSC_78361 DSC_78531 DSC_79141 DSC_79301 DSC_79911*Giveaway winners are announced in the video.  Thank you to all of those that participated.

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