Red, White, & Beach Bag

Hey everyone!
So I know everyone is going to the beach or pool this summer so why not go in style? I was totally inspired by the upcoming holiday; Independence Day and thought red, white, and blue represent Summer for me.

Today I am teaching you how to make a very chic beach bag that is super easy to do.  The best part about making tote bags, is that you can customize them by choosing fabric that matches your personality.  And guess what, this bag will make a great gift!  To be honest, I would love a cute tote bag for a gift. They can be used for shopping, outings with the family, school, and etc. So yea, it has numerous uses.
beach bag

Ok so in the video, the measurements that I made my bag was for my family of four, so I needed a really big bag.  Below are different sizes with their measurements that you can use to make the bag that you want.

Patterned Fabric: 17.5″ x 28″
Plain Fabric: 14″ x 28″
Straps: 27″
Corner Measurement: 7″

Patterned Fabric: 13.5″ x 24″
Plain Fabric: 10″ x 24″
Straps: 27″
Corner Measurement: 5″

Patterned Fabric: 10″ x 21″
Plain Fabric: 7″ x 21″
Straps: 25″
Corner Measurement: 3.5″

If you cannot find any chevron fabric at your local fabric store, you can purchase all different colors on Click link Below.
Chevron Fabric
Chevron Collage

Enjoy this DIY.  I would love to hear your thoughts and I would absolutely LOVE to see pictures if you have made any of my DIY’s.  Please rate, comment, and subscribe to my video and thank you for watching!


2 thoughts on “Red, White, & Beach Bag

  1. Hi,
    Your beach bug is awesome, I have a question though: the dimensions for the fabric are for each piece or in total (and we cut in half to do each side)?
    Thank you for help!


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